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Family Day Parade

The 2020 parade happens on June 14th - Closing date for parade applications is June 7th.

Parade assembly and staging begins at 08:00 AM. Judging commences with the floats and large vehicles at 09 AM, walking and smaller vehicle entries at 10 AM and childrenís entries at 10:30 AM. The parade starts at 11:00 AM and travels from Burnsview High School located at 7658 112 Street to the 84th Avenue entrance of North Delta Community Park and disassembly area near 116th Street.

Chalmers School Parking lot will be open for pedestrian drop-offs, float preparation teams and free temporary parking.  Chalmers School entrance is located at 113th Street and 75th Avenue. This parking lot is close by the Burnsview and Chalmers staging areas and easiest for pedestrians to reach their groupís assigned staging area.  Early on-site parking can be arranged for float decoration teams and people with special needs, however; there are no in-out privileges for these vehicles.  Once parked on-site these vehicles must remain parked until after the parade has departed, cleared Burnsview access lanes and 112th Street has re-opened to all traffic. 

The parade assembles in several pre-assigned staging areas based on the type and size of parade entry determined at the time of registration. Normally, large Vehicles and Floats assemble on 112th Street, medium size vehicles, bands and dignitaries on Burnsview Parking Lots and smaller vehicles and most pedestrian groups will assemble on Chalmers School gravel field or in Burnsview Basketball Courts. The individual unitís Parade Entry number determines the departure order from any staging area. The departure order is coordinated by North Delta Lions Club members and volunteers identified by Yellow Lions Club vests.      

In order to help parade participants arrive at their staging areas in a timely and safe fashion specific vehicle and pedestrian management procedures are put in effect for parade day and are strictly enforced by Delta Police, contracted Traffic Flaggers and Yellow Vested North Delta Lions members and volunteers.  The procedures include: 

112th Street will be closed to regular Northbound Traffic no later than 08AM. Only a REGISTERED PARADE VEHICLE displaying a PARADE ENTRY NUMBER will be permitted past the Traffic Flagger at 74A Avenue. 

Left Turn access into Burnsview School property will not be permitted at any time during parade assembly.    NO LEFT TURN AT BURNSVIEW. All parade traffic must arrive northbound from 72nd Avenue. 

Southbound Traffic on 112th Street will be diverted onto Bridlington Drive at the discretion of Delta Police Department.   

Delta Police will shut down traffic along the parade route in order to permit an 11:00 AM start and re-open local streets to traffic as the parade proceeds to the disassembly area on 84th Avenue between 114th and 116th Streets. 

  Parade Application   

Parade Regulations 

Only Registered entries may participate in the North Delta Family Day Parade.  Children are invited to participate with an accompanying adult. Children and their decorated entry register with North Delta Lions Club Member Gordon Jones located at the registration desk in the Burnsview Basketball Courts on parade day between 10:15 and 10:30 AM.    

Once the parade begins individual or group entries must continue in a forward motion. STOPPING IS NOT PERMITTED. All entries must endeavour to maintain a maximum following distance of less than 30ft/10m. 

No fires or smoking on or near the floats. Parade vehicles must be licensed, carry appropriate insurance, be mechanically sound with good brakes.  The operator must have proper driverís unobstructed vision and afforded good ventilation.  

To prevent parade observers, especially children from approaching a moving parade vehicle, candies and other articles are NOT TO BE THROWN FROM FLOATS. Walking escorts may hand out candies and other articles at curb side. 

Draw Tickets and Merchant Discount Coupons are permitted to be handed out along the parade route however to prevent littering COMMERCIAL FLYERS ARE NOT PERMMITTED.  

Official VIP entries, ALL accompanied children, pedestrian parade traffic including bands and walking groups may enter North Delta Community Park at the end of the parade. Motorized vehicles that have not made special arrangements to enter NDC Park must proceed to the disassembly area between 114th and 116th Streets. 

The Parade Chairman and North Delta Lions Club Parade Marshalls reserve the right to refuse any entry.