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North Delta Family Day is a community festival held near July1st and celebrates the family as well as Canada Day and our cultural heritage.

The first North Delta Family Day started out as a celebration marking Canada's Centennial in 1967. The original sponsor of Family Day was the Delta Ratepayers Association. It has since become an annual event that has been sponsored since 1970 by the North Delta Lions Club. Family Day consists of two events; a parade and a family picnic.

Over the past 46 years the starting point for the parade has been Sungod Recreation Centre followed by North Delta Recreation Centre and then Delview Secondary School. In 2008, the assembly point returned to the Sungod Recreation Centre. The parade now is staged at Burnsview and leaves at 11:00 AM and proceeds to the North Delta Community Park.

From 1967 to 2007 the picnic part of Family Day was held at Lions Annieville Park. In 2008 the picnic and other activities were moved to the North Delta Community Park. This is a larger location which allows more activities to take place at Family Day.

The Family Day Picnic has seen some great changes over the past 40 years. Baked potatoes done on hot coals in a fire pit have been replaced by barbequed salmon and chicken dinners complete with all the trimmings. For those who do not want a full meal, hamburgers, hotdogs and french fries are also available.

Entertainment for the children and adults has always been a most important part of the Family Day picnic. In recent years an enhanced variety of activities have been introduced to make the the "Day" a truly family oriented event.

While the planning and organizing of Family Day is done by the members of the North Delta Lions Club, an event of this size could not take place without additional help and support. To name but a few of those we count on annually: the staff of the Corporation of Delta, the staff of Delta Cablevision, the local police and fire departments, local businesses, fellow Lions and community volunteers.